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Powerhouse vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist, with over a decade of seasoned performances throughout the United States and Europe. (Article from NPR) --> "Growing up in a small town in the Poconos, singer-songwriter Mysti Mayhem knew her big dreams needed to find a big stage. She moved to Florida, where she fell under the unlikely tutelage of the legendary Bo Diddley, whom she credits with bringing out the funk in her guitar and the soul in her voice. After a record deal and a European tour, Mayhem found herself depressed and with just enough money left for one more move. She put on a blindfold, threw a dart at a map and moved to where it hit: Durham. In North Carolina..." Host Frank Stasio talks with the Mysti Mayhem Trio about their sound and its genesis." Link to article: Officially endorsed by Epiphone Guitars